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COVID-19 Update

Posted On: Monday, March 16, 2020

A dedicated webpage regarding COVID-19 has been created for the Town of The Blue Mountains. To view the webpage, please visit: www.thebluemountains.ca/covid-19.cfm

Community News

The following press release is being circulated on behalf of The Blue Mountains Attainable Housing Corporation.

The Blue Mountains Attainable Housing Corporation (BMAHC) will be presenting its three-year operating and preliminary capital budget during the next Town of The Blue Mountains Committee of the Whole meeting scheduled for March 9, 2021.

Included in the proposed budget is a request for the Town to consider a $1.2 million 3-year interest-bearing operating loan that will be repaid in full when permanent financing for the Gateway project is in place.

“The BMAHC is embarking on a significant attainable rental housing project and it is typical of these projects for predevelopment costs to be incorporated into the final project take out financing. The importance of having the people that work here live here, has been highlighted by the current pandemic, where many of the people who work here are travelling back and forth to their homes in what are now hot zones” said Chair Sampson.

Also included in the proposed budget is a request for the Town to contribute the Gateway site to the project to attract further support from various levels of government and help increase the delivery of attainable housing in the project. In addition, and consistent with the Town’s recently approved Community Improvement Plan, the BMAHC is asking the Town to waive planning fees and development charges for units that would be maintained at below market rental rates as attainable units, with a similar request to be discussed with Grey County.

The additional contributions included would increase the number of attainable units that would be available as part of the Gateway project, seeing an increase from an estimated 32 attainable housing units to 54 attainable housing units of the project’s proposed 84-unit development.
“The budget requests being made now will provide certainty of funding available for the project in order to leverage those contributions to best meet the longstanding demand for attainable housing in the community,” says Sharon McCormick, Executive Director of The Blue Mountains Attainable Housing Corporation. “These funding requests will help guide the success of the project and provide a greater return of investment to the Town, both through economic impact and the general social well-being of the community.”

To learn more about the BMAHC, please visit: https://www.thebluemountainshousing.ca/

For more information, please contact:

Sharon McCormick
Executive Director, The Blue Mountains Attainable Housing Corporation
(519) 599-3131 ext. 306

The Town of The Blue Mountains would like to ask all residents and business owners to be mindful of not blocking or obstructing fire hydrants when clearing snow.

For your safety and the safety of your neighbours, it is important to keep hydrants clear and unobstructed so that they can be used by The Blue Mountains’ Fire Department in case of an emergency. If there is a fire hydrant in front of or adjacent to your property, please ensure the hydrant is clearly visible and unobstructed. Please help yourself, your neighbors, and your municipality, by ensuring it is kept free and clear of snow at all times. We appreciate your assistance.

For more information please contact:
Town of The Blue Mountains
Water and Wastewater Inquiries  
(519) 599-3131 ext. 284


NOTICE - Community Improvement Plan (CIP) Notice of Decision

On January 11, 2021 Council for the Town of The Blue Mountains considered Staff Report PDS.21.011.  As a result, Council has adopted two new Community Improvement Plans (CIPs).  The Notice of Decision, CIP documents, and relevant bylaws are provided below:

After both CIP’s are in full force and effect, Town staff will provide a follow-up report to Town Council in the future regarding administration of the plan and recommended funding for 2021 CIP programs.

Public Notices

Visit our Public Notices page for an up to date list of Town public notices and  public information centres.