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Start & Grow Your Business

Starting a new business takes motivation, dedication and talent as well as research and planning. Town of The Blue Mountains recognizes that small businesses are significant drivers of the local economy and there are a number of local services and programs that are focused on working with new businesses to help them succeed.

You can register or renew your business, search for business names, or obtain a Master Business Licence online, at a self-service kiosk at a Service Ontario location or by mail. When searching for the Town location, enter “The Blue Mountains” or “Blue Mountains” which is what the federal government calls our Town.

Before paying for a formal business name, search to make sure your name is available. You may wish to search online (i.e. Google or Bing) for some of the names you are considering. Once you have narrowed down business names that appear to be free, you can then do a formal paid search ($8/search) before you register.

There is only one location where you can drop off hard-copy forms for a sole-proprietorship/partnership or corporation.

There are a number of Business Resources available in our community. If you wish to discuss your business to determine the most appropriate resource, please contact Economic Development & Communications.

The Town does not require you to obtain a municipal business permit or licence.

Certain business types (e.g. restaurant, daycare) do require additional permits and licenses. BizPaL is a free, interactive tool that identifies the permits, licenses and inspections that your business may require from the provincial and federal government.

There are also municipal by-laws that govern new businesses in our Town and it is highly recommended you to meet with the Building Department or Planning and Development Services before you begin if you are planning to:

  • Renovate an existing property (inside or outside)
  • Buy a new property (to ensure it is zoned for your purpose)
  • Convert a residential property to a business property
  • Run a business in your home
  • Put up a sign for your business (always check – there are very specific signage rules about the number of signs, size, location, etc. to preserve the small town feel we all enjoy)

These departments can also help you determine any fees that may be required and discuss timelines for any building, development, or renovation work approvals that might be required, which you can then include in your business plan up front.

Visit Town Hall at 32 Mill Street, Thornbury, between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. from Monday to Friday to meet with someone who can assist you.

What we do:

  • Work with the Economic Development Advisory Committee to ensure business input and feedback in implementing strategic initiatives and on general economic development issues
  • Promote The Blue Mountains as a great destination for business investment
  • Publish information on government initiatives, programs and events
  • Follow us on Twitter: @Town_Blue_Mountains
  • Meet with business owners and provide direction on the most appropriate local resources to support their business start-up
  • Provide information to businesses planning to grow
  • Act as a liaison between the Town and business resources offered by the Town, the Province and the Federal Government
  • Site location and business support - whether your company is expanding, locating or relocating
  • Assistance to address operational or municipal issues
  • Statistics and information related to The Blue Mountains demographics and various economic indicators

What they do:

  • Provide specific support to manufacturing and agriculture/agri-food businesses
  • Promote Grey County as a destination for business and workers
  • Run a variety of business seminars, workshops and events throughout the year
  • Site location support
  • Business visitation programs
  • “Made in Grey” Newsletter


Tim Hendry
Communications & Economic Development
519-599-3131 x282