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Rules for Posting Events

Community Calendar

The purpose of the Town’s online Community Calendar is to inform the public about upcoming events in their community and to provide an opportunity to promote community and local meetings and events. The public is provided with an online mechanism to add events to the community calendar; all postings are moderated by the Community Services Department

Approval Process

All events submitted by a member of the public will be reviewed by Town staff to ensure that, in the sole opinion and discretion of the Town, the event meets or is in keeping with the intent of the below listed criteria.

Posting Criteria

Postings are allowed based on the following criteria:

  • Events must be held in the Town, or hosted by a Town-based organization
  • Postings cannot be entered more than 12 months in advance
  • Postings must include at least one contact source (phone number, email address, website URL). Anonymous postings will not be published
  • Events must be open to all members of the public
  • Both free and ticketed events are eligible; however, if there is a fee, the amount must be included in the posting
  • If there are age restrictions associated with a posting, they are to be included in the details

The Town will not approve postings that are:

  • Personal fundraisers
  • Political in nature
  • Discriminatory to an individual or group
  • Faith based ceremonies or teachings (with the exception of vacation faith based camps for children)
  • Postings that conflict with any laws, Town by-laws, policies or programs
  • Information workshops for the purpose of soliciting customers
  • For the sale of products unless a portion of the proceeds are being donated to a not-for-profit organization in the Town
  • Yard sales or rummage sales, unless a portion of the proceeds are being donated to a not-for-profit organization in the Town
  • Commercial in nature and, in the Town’s sole opinion, are attempting to advertise, promote or sell products of an individual or an individual business
  • Promote, exhibit, illustrate or manifest hate or obscene/pornographic/sexual content of any kind
  • Do not comply with municipal, provincial or federal legislation


  • The Town reserves the right to deny submissions at its sole discretion
  • The inclusion of a posting does not imply endorsement by the Town
  • The Town accepts no responsibility for the information contained in postings made by others
  • The Town accepts no responsibility for any damages caused by the inclusion of incorrect or inappropriate information posted by others
  • The Town reserves the right to edit postings for grammar and clarity
  • The Town reserves the right to modify the community calendar posting criteria at any time
  • The issuance of permits for community events are not associated with the posting of events to the online community calendar and are the responsibility of the organizer


Community Services
519-599-3131 x254