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Public Notices that are required by the Municipal Act and Planning Act are posted here.  Public Notices regarding Public Information Centres are also posted below.

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Posted: Tuesday, November 27, 2018

What is being proposed?

Staff are proposing revisions to the current Property Standards By-law (2002-18, as amended by By-laws 2003-26, 2014-15, & 2014-46).

The current Property Standards By-law applies only to specified areas of the Town. Changes to Provincial legislation require that such By-laws apply to all areas of the municipality, or that MLEOs are authorized to enforce specific provisions of the Residential Tenancies Act in all areas of the municipality. Staff are recommending that the Property Standards By-law be revised to include all areas of the Town.

In addition, Staff are recommending that specific sections of the Property Standards By-law, relating to the operation of Short Term Accommodation properties, be removed or revised. Specifically, it is recommended that references to occupancy restrictions (5.6) be removed and that these occupant limits be assigned through the STA Licensing By-law. FAF.18.151 STA BYLAW REVISION STAFF REPORT Staff will also propose some revised wording regarding specific requirements for the operation of STA and Commercial Resort Unit properties, in order to ensure that these properties comply with Provincial legislation including the Ontario Building Code, Ontario Fire Code and the Fire Protection and Prevention Act.

Staff are recommending that By-law 2002-18, as amended, be repealed and replaced with a new Property Standards By-law, a draft of which will be included with the Staff Report.

The Public Meeting Notice provides additional details.

Posted: Friday, May 18, 2018
The Town has received an Official Plan and Zoning By-law Amendment applications. The Town has deemed the applications to be complete however no public meeting has been scheduled to-date.

The purpose of these applications is to consider a development proposal for a proposed waterski wakeboard cable park and associated buildings and structures.

Notice of Complete Application - Wakeboard Park

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