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Welcome to the Town of The Blue Mountains CityView portal. Are you looking for help? We hope to answer your questions here.

If you cannot find your answer in the information below, please contact us.

There are a couple of things to check:

  1. First, give it a couple more minutes. Sometimes emails can be delayed for reasons out of our control. You should receive your email within 15 minutes of registering
  2. Did you spell your email address correctly? 
  3. Next, check your junk folders. Sometimes emails end up in places we didn't intend
  4. If the three suggestions above didn't help, please contact us. We will just need your email address and we can activate your account for you 

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When you request an inspection, you can enter private comments that only the Inspector can see. These comments can be gate codes, locations of keys, phone numbers and email addresses. We consider this very sensitive information and we keep it private and off of our website. Due to this sensitivity to the private information, we don't allow for editing of these comments.

Please contact the inspector XXXXXXXXXX

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