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Development Projects

The following list of Development Projects does not include municipal infrastructure projects such as water and sewer line replacements or road reconstruction projects.

For more information on these types of projects, please visit our Municipal Infrastructure Projects page.  

For a an overall map of current developments please view the Active Development Map

The Plan of Subdivision is proposing to create a total of 34 single detached dwellings. A new private/condominium road would be constructed. A proposed trail block is also proposed along the frontage of the subject lands.  An open space block has been proposed along the entire south end of the property.  This new subdivision application replaces Condominium Application 42-CDM-2010-01 (Camperdown East 1) which has been withdrawn by the applicant and the condominium file official closed.

Notice of Complete Application

Planning Justification Report

Draft Plan of Subdivision

The proposal is to expand the existing Gravel Pit onto the vacant area of the property (east side of property). This proposal requires Council and County approvals, and the applicant has applied for Official Plan and Zoning By-law amendments to seek permission to expand the gravel pit.

If this proposal is approved, the amendments would change the permitted uses on the property to allow gravel extraction.

public meeting was held  May 16, 2016 at Town Hall.

A decision on this proposal has not yet been made.

Gibralter Sand and Gravel

Further information and documents are available at the Grey County website.

UPDATE:  As a decision on this application by Council was not made within the 210 day requirement, the developer appealed both the Official Plan and Zoning By-law Amendments.  The required documents were sent to the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal (LPAT) on June 15, 2018 and confirmation from LPAT was received on June 25, 2018.  A Hearing date has now been scheduled for November 20, 2018 (one day only).

The proposal is for a five lot Plan of Subdivision previously draft approved in 1993. The current request is for a "redline revision" to the draft plan to convert the proposed public road and open space block to a common element condominium block.

The Committee of Adjustment for the Town also recently approved a minor variance application to adjust required front yard and the centreline of road setback for these lots.

More information and documents are available on the Grey County website.

Artisan on Lora Bay

A 1.1 hectare parcel of land located at the southwest corner of the Victoria Street/Alfred Street intersection within the former Town of Thornbury.  The owner wishes to develop a residential subdivision comprising of 11 detached dwellings lots and a new municipal road in the form of a cul-de-sac extending from Victoria Street.

Ashbury - Applevale

The applicants are proposing to create 54 new single detached residential lots, along with associated blocks for stormwater management and open space through Plan of Subdivision Application 42T-2017-01.  A zoning by-law amendment application has also been submitted the effect of which is to re-zone a portion of the subject lands from the ‘R6-176-h’ zone to the ‘R3-175-h’ zone to change the permitted uses to allow the proposed single detached residential units.  The zones would also be subject to a Holding -h symbol that would restrict development until the Holding symbol is removed, which will require the registration of the Plan of Subdivision and the execution of a Development Agreement.

The development is referred to as the Clarksbury Development – former Georgian Glen.  A previous draft plan of subdivision (42T-2002-06 - Georgian Glen) was draft approved in 2005 for the subject lands however draft approval has expired.  The previous draft approved plan consisted of a total 60 residential units (44 single detached and 16 townhouses).  The proposed subdivision plan replaces the former 16 townhouses with single detached dwellings.  The proposed development includes the existing Street ‘A’ identified on the proposed plan and the completion of Street ‘B’ which was partially constructed in 2008.  The County makes the decision on the Plan of Subdivision and the Town makes the decision on the Zoning By-law Amendment.

A Public Meeting, as required under the Planning Act, was held on December 4, 2017.

Clarkbury - Georgian Glen

Applications have been submitted for an Official Plan Amendment and a Zoning By-law Amendment for a property known as "Home Farm". The Proposal is for a new residential subdivision consisting of  85 single detached, 60 semi detached and 132 townhouse units, for a total of 277 units. The subject lands includes several parcels on Concession 2, Part of Lot 20, with road access on Grey Road 19. The lands are owned by MacPherson Builders (Blue Mountains) Limited, and one parcel is owned by the Town. A land exchange has been proposed where the developer would give the Town a section of land in exchange for a  municipal parcel and part of a road allowance.

A Public Meeting for this proposal has not yet been scheduled.

A Public Open House was held November 21, 2015.

Home Farm

Grey County, in consultation with the Town, received a resubmission of a Plan of Subdivision application, known as Lora Bay Phase 3B - File 42T-2015-04.  The Plan of Subdivision proposed to recreate a total of 35 residential units, consisting of 23 single detached residential lots, one multi-residential unit block containing 12 units, and a common elements condominium road block on approximately 3.92 hectares (9.69 acres).

Update November/December 2015:

The Plan of Subdivision Recommendation Report went to November 16, 2015 Committee of the Whole Meeting, which was subsequently endorsed by Town Council at the November 30, 2015 Council Meeting. The Town's recommendations were forwarded to Grey County so that they could review in making a decision on the plan of subdivision.

The appeal period on the decision by Grey County has lasped, based on Notice of Decision being given December 15, 2015, with a three year lapse date of approval being December 10, 2018.

The Applicant is currently fullfilling draft plan conditions in order to proceed to final approval and registration.

Lora Bay Phase 3B

Notice of Complete Application and Public Meeting

Block 1 and Part of Block 2, Plan 16M-8

Further information can be obtained from the County of Grey link below:

County of Grey

The purpose and effect of the application is to amend draft approved subdivision 42T-89009 to allow changes to the lot layout and eliminate a multi-residential block draft approved for 25 townhouse units. These changes are requested to accommodate adjustments to proposed on-site stormwater management facilities. A total of 32 single detached residential lots are proposed.

The application for Zoning By-law Amendment proposes to revise the current configuration of the Open Space ‘OS2’ and Residential (R3) zones on the property to reflect the proposed redline revisions to the draft plan. The changes will result in additional open space areas to accommodate stormwater management facilities and will remove the multi-residential townhouse block. A Residential Exception (R3-X-h) zone is proposed for the lots abutting the golf course to provide a 15 metre buffer to future dwellings. The Holding ‘h’ symbol is being considered to ensure that the development does not proceed until a Subdivision Agreement has been executed and the Plan of Subdivision is registered.

To review the application and supporting documents please visit the Grey County website.

Monterra Phase 2

Draft Plan of Subdivision 42T-2016-10 and Zoning By-law Amendment

Property Location:

The legal description of the property is Part of Lot 21, Concession 2, Including: Part Lot 161, Lot 172, Part Lot 173, and East Part Lot 169 Plan 529, in the former geographic Township of Collingwood, now in the Town of The Blue Mountains.  A triangle parcel on the north side of Lakeshore Road East has been added to the project.  See key map on reverse.

Public Meeting: Monday June 4, 2018 at 5:00 p.m.

At Town Hall, Council Chambers

32 Mill Street, Thornbury, ON N0H 2P0

What is being proposed?

Further to the Public Meeting on May 17, 2018, the County and Town are holding a Second Public Meeting to receive input on updated development applications to consider allowing for a revised Plan of Subdivision and Zoning By-law Amendment.  The proposed revisions are based on comments received from the first public meeting and include changes to the lot development areas, the internal street network, open space areas and unit types.

Update: Planning Staff Report PDS.18.73 was presented to Council on June 25, 2018.  The Zoning By-law Amendment was before Council on July 09, 2018 wherein Council passed the By-law (By-law No. 2018-42) with a final appeal date of August 06, 2018.  One Appeal was received on August 03, 2018. The matter is currently before LPAT (Local Planning Appeal Tribunal) and awaiting a Hearing date. For further information please visit the County of Grey's website below:


The proposal is to create 12 lots for single detached houses on what is known as "Block 46" of subdivision Plan 16M-20 (Dorothy Drive).

The applicant applied  to Grey County for a Plan of Subdivision of the the lands and to the Town for a Zoning By-law amendment. The zoning amendment seeks to change the permissions from to 65 Townhouses to 12 single detached dwellings.

A Joint Public Meeting with Grey County was held November 15, 2017 at 5:00 p.m.

More information on this project, including supporting studies, is available on the Grey County website.

Peaks Meadows

The purpose of these applications is to consider a development proposal for an eight lot Plan of Subdivision on the subject lands.  Six new residential lots are proposed along a Common Elements Condominium Road extending east from Salzburg Place, one residential lot is proposed off of Sleepy Hollow Road, and one large lot is proposed to be retained for open space and future development purposes.Sleepy Hollow East -Alpine Springs

Sleepy Hollow West is a proposed ten lot Plan of Subdivision located near Craigleith Road and Sleepy Hollow Road between Alexandra Way and Innsbruck Lane. Sleepy Hollow West

A gas station has been proposed for the northwest corner of Elma Street and Arthur Street (Highway 26) in Thornbury for the past several years.

The owners of this property made applications to the Town in May 2013 for Site Plan Approval and in August 2013 for an amendment to the Town’s zoning by-law to permit the gas station. Public meetings regarding this proposal were held in October 2013. The amendment to the Zoning Bylaw was passed by Council in December 2014. A Site Plan Agreement was subsequently approved in 2015.

It is important to note that the appeal periods for the planning approvals lapsed in 2014 and, as such, the amendments permitting to the gas station are final and in force.

Although the site has been inactive for the past 3 years, the proposal has been very recently re-activated. Staff are working with the proponent to refine components of the site plans to ensure that the development is well integrated into the existing street character. 

The Site Plan Agreement was signed on November 5, 2018 and Registered November 14, 2018.

Thornbury Gas Station - Location Map

The Proposal is to develop townhouses on a vacant parcel of land at Louisa, Lansdowne and Beaver Streets, in Thornbury. The legal description of the lands is: Part of Park Lot 10, RP 16R-1213 Town Plot of Thornbury, Town of The Blue Mountains.

An application for a Plan of Subdivision was submitted to Grey County and proposed to create six blocks of land that will contain a total of 23 townhouse units. On September 28, 2018 the County of Grey provided a "Notice of Subdivision Application Being Withdrawn".  The reason the developer withdrew the plan of subdivision application is because the lands are intended to now be developed as a condominium development.  Note that the zoning by-law application is still being processed, see below.

The Town received a zoning by-law amendment application requesting to rezone the lands from the Development (D) zone to the Residential Multiple (RM1) zone, or other appropriate zoning category, to facilitate the development of the 23 townhouse units, with site specific provisions to permit reduced setbacks. 

A Public Meeting for these applications was scheduled for March 12, 2018 at 5:00 p.m. at the Town Hall in Thornbury.

Louisa Street Setback Diagram

More information on this project, including supporting documents, is available on the Grey County website.

Notice of Public Meeting

Planning Staff Report #PDS.18.86

Zoning By-law #2018-54

Notice of Passing of Zoning By-law

2521311 Ont Inc

This development was formerly known as the "Cedar Run Horsepark". The subject lands are irregular in shape and have a total area of approximately 35.78 ha (88.41 acres). It has direct access to and frontage on Clark Street (approximately 423.43 metres) and additional frontage on Grey Road 2 (approximately 396.18 metres).

The primary components of the park are comprised of three separate “cable systems”; sets of overhead, high-tensile cables, powered by an electric drive motor (similar to a chair lift at a ski hill),which would tow participants along a series of man-made, isolated ponds. The plan includes one Full Size Cable System as well as two Straight-Line Cable Systems. The main attraction of the park is the Full-Size Cable System. There are six towers that support a moving cable suspended 30 metres above the water and completes a 360-degree loop. Up to nine riders at spaced intervals are towed in a counter-clockwise direction around the loop.

In addition to providing a World-Class Water Ski and Wakeboard Cable Park, the park’s design will also offer other amenities such as passive recreation areas, a pro shop and office, washrooms and a change area for public use, surface and overflow parking areas and cabins for overnight accommodation, proposed at a future phase.The proposed pro shop and office will function much the same way as a clubhouse does for a golf course. The building is proposed to be one-storey in height and 225 square meters in total gross floor area. The pro-shop is located near the main entry, and within close proximity to the cable systems, where visitors will pay for the day’s activities pass and have an opportunity to purchase sundries, equipment and apparel, or to rent equipment for those without their own.

There will be locker rooms for changing and showering as well as restroom facilities and an administrative office. The park is expected to generate up to 140 users over an average day.

Notice of Complete Application

Wakeboard and Waterski Park


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