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Burial & Cremation Options

Choosing between burial and cremation is an extremely personal decision.  At the Thornbury Clarkburg Union Cemetery we provide three interment options: 

  1. Standard Casket Burial
  2. Cremation Interment in a Columbarium Niche
  3. Cremation Interment in Ground (plot)

Standard casket burials require the purchase of a plot or proof of plot ownership if the burial is taking place within a family plot. 

Adult $988.75
Child $494.94
Infant $386.46

Double depth burials (two caskets stacked in one plot) are possible, but must include the installation of a vault or grave liner and must take place before additional standard casket or cremation burials can be performed in the same plot.

Double Depth $1,449.79

All prices include HST

Cremation interments require the purchase of a niche or a plot or proof of niche/plot ownership if the interment is taking place within a family niche/plot. 

Niche $253.12
In Ground $494.94

Cremation interments may be performed overtop of standard casket burials throughout the cemetery where space permits.

All prices include HST

In order to ease the burden placed on loved ones, the cemetery offers customers the option of pre-paying for burial arrangements before they are required. This provides families with peace of mind and removes some of the financial burden.

If you are interested in discussing the option of pre-paying for a burial, please contact Cemetery Staff.     

Green burials are not permitted at the Thornbury Clarksburg Union Cemetery as there are currently no designated areas available.

Scattering of cremated remains is not permitted on any Town owned property, including the Thornbury Clarksburg Union Cemetery or any of the Town's Heritage Cemeteries.

Purchasing Plots & Niches

For more information related to pricing and the purchasing process, please visit our Purchasing Plots & Niches page.

Immediate Need

To make immediate final arrangements for a friend or loved one, please contact the Cemetery Manager at 519-599-3131 Ext.288.  Messages left at this extension will be responded to within 24 hours.

For more information about what to do and what support is available when a loved one dies in Ontario, visit the Provincial Government’s Website.



Cemetery Staff
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