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Aquavil – West Neighbourhood

Development Name: Aquavil – West Neighbourhood

Application: Royalton Homes

Applications:  Site specific local Official Plan Amendment, Zoning Bylaw Amendment, change to existing Draft Approved Plan of Subdivision to update the development concept associated with subject property.

Description:The County and the Town have received land-use planning applications on the lands locally known as the Aquavil project. 

The Aquavil project has existing land-use planning approvals including local Official Plan policies, Zoning By-law provisions and an approved Draft Plan of Subdivision that is subject to several conditions.  The current approvals enable the development of up to 340 dwelling units and 9,100 sq.m of commercial uses spread over an “East Neighbourhood” and a “West Neighbourhood”.

The new land-use planning applications would mainly adjust the previous planning approvals to reflect a revised development concept plan for the “West Neighbourhood” portion of the Aquavil project. 

This revised development concept includes:

  • Retention of the Provincially Significant Wetland designations and zones.
  • 234 dwelling units comprising of 176 low rise condominium dwellings; 20 semi-detached dwellings; 36 townhouse dwellings and 2 single detached dwellings.
  • Retention of the single detached dwelling zone on the west side of Brophy’s Lane.
  • Provision for up to 100 rental apartments on the west side of Brophy’s Lane.
  • Refinements to the west boundary of the Hazard (H) zone reflecting updated engineering and environmental studies.
  • Deletion of the C6 commercial zone west of Brophy’s Lane and allocating the 14 dwelling units/live work units to the C6 zoned lands east of Brophy’s Lane.
  • Adding Seniors Accommodations as a permitted use in the East Neighbourhood C6 zone.
  • Provision of a recreation centre for the residents of the development.
  • Modify the Hazard (H) zone provisions at the shoreline and retaining it for Aquavil residents.


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