Citizen Satisfaction Survey

The Town would like to thank everyone who participated in the Citizen Satisfaction Survey. Over 400 full and part-time residents were interviewed in early to mid-July to determine their satisfaction with the services we deliver, how our staff are delivering those services, their priorities for spending and their plans for the future. 

Citizen Satisfaction Survey Results

Key facts from the Citizen Satisfaction Survey Results:

Town Council is now considering these results in the context of the overall strategic plan currently under development. 

You may view the Forum Research presentation of the results here: Citizen Satisfaction Survey Presentation


Citizen Satisfaction Survey Background

The Town of The Blue Mountains has hired Forum Research to conduct a Citizen Satisfaction Survey on behalf of the Town. We want to know if you are satisfied with the services you receive, how well we are delivering customer service, and whether you believe you receive value for your tax dollars.

This will be important to both our strategic planning process and our ongoing continuous improvement efforts. 

In early July, Forum Research will begin calling a random sample 400 full and part-time residents of the Town. 

This is a legitimate survey and we hope you will "Take The Call" and participate. 

The only demographic information you will be asked for is your age category to ensure that we hear from every age group. We will NOT be asking for your name, salary or other personal information. 

The caller will begin the survey by identifying themselves as follows:

Hello, my name is ____________ and I am calling from Forum Research on behalf of the Town of The Blue Mountains. We are conducting a Citizen Satisfaction Survey that will provide the Council and staff with important resident feedback. Please be assured we are not calling to sell or solicit anything and your answers will be kept strictly confidential.

Please take the time to have your say!