Water and Wastewater Billing

Water and Wastewater Billing

Water and Wastewater charges are billed bi-monthly.

The minimum bi-monthly charge for water and wastewater is $99.48, which includes 10 cubic meters of water using the standard residential 5/8" meter.  Water Rates did not increase in 2018. Wastewater Rates incresed by 2% in 2018, over the 2017 Rates.

Please remember to keep your utility bills for your records. Re-prints are $2.00 per bill.

Have you changed your address? Ensure that we have the correct mailing address on file by completing the Change of Address Form. We need this in writing! If you have sold your property, please call to arrange a meter reading at 519-599-3131 extension 223.

Want to go paperless? Sign up for eBilling to have your Utility Bill delivered to your inbox. If you wish to change the email address we have on file, please re-register your account.

Want to set up automatic payments? Complete our Pre-Authorized Payment Plan Form and submit it with a void cheque.

Rates and Billing

Please see the 2018 Water and Wastewater Rates for a detailed list of rates. Utility charges are billed bi-monthly. On February 12, 2018 Council passed By-law Number 2018-7 being a By-law to impose Water and Sewer Charges. The Town remains committed to its Water Financial Plan, our long rage strategy to help us identify the cost of having safe and sufficient water supply for our Town. This includes a plan for the repair or replacement of aging water infrastructure.

Water Certificates

Water Certificate requests are $60.00. Send your request and cheque/money order payable to The Blue Mountains to:
Town of The Blue Mountains
Main Floor - Finance
32 Mill Street, PO Box 310


You can receive your utility bill electronically through email. Please note that the form should be filled out only once for each Utility Account for which you wish to receive your bills electronically.
To sign up for eBilling, please complete the Utility eBilling Signup Form. If you wish to change your e-mail address, please re-register your utility account. If at any time you wish to unsubscribe to Utility eBilling, please email utilities@thebluemountains.ca and include your utility account number.

Vacant Lots

Billing has started for any property owner with an unconnected vacant lot fronting municipal water and/or wastewater services. These utility bills are sent out semi-annually. The 2018 rate for vacant lots is $17.43 per month for water and $14.73 per month for wastewater. For a list of Frequently Asked Questions regarding this Infrastructure Renewal Fee, please see the Unconnected Vacant Lots FAQ.

Utility Payment Options

In Person

At the ‘Finance’ Reception Desk on the Main Floor at Town Hall, located at 32 Mill Street, Thornbury.
Office Hours are Monday to Friday, 8:30 am to 4:30 pm.
Direct Debit accepted. Please not that Credit Cards are not accepted. There is a box marked ‘After Hours Mail’ outside the east doors where you can drop cheque/money order payments.

By Mail

Send your cheque/money order payable to The Blue Mountains to:
Town of The Blue Mountains
Main Floor - Finance
32 Mill Street, PO Box 310
Thornbury, ON N0H 2P0.
Please include payment stub, or indicate the utility account number on the payment. Please mail your cheque to Town Hall early enough to be received before the deadline. Cheques may be post-dated to ensure timely payment processing.

By Courier

Send your payment to:
Town of The Blue Mountains
Main Floor - Finance
32 Mill Street
Thornbury, ON N0H 2P0.

At Your Bank

Ensure the Teller selects Blue Mountains Town of (Utilities) and not your Tax account. There is a ‘Transfer Fee’ of $20 charged for incorrect payment per instance, after the first instance.


To set up, search ‘Payees’ for Blue Mountains Town of (Utilities). When entering your account number, use all 12 digits, leaving out the decimal. 
Please note that if you have your taxes and utilities set up for payment via internet, always ensure to select your ‘Utilities’ account when making utility payments and not your ‘Tax’ account. There is a ‘Transfer Fee’ of $20 charged for incorrect payment per instance after the first instance.

Pre-Authorized Payment Plan

The Blue Mountains offers a Pre-Authorized Payment Plan for Utility customers. If you wish to enroll in the Pre-Authorized Payment Plan, please complete and return the Utility Pre-Authorized Payment Form, along with a void cheque.

Please note: Property owners currently enrolled in the Pre-Authorized Payment Plan for Taxes must still complete a Utility Pre-Authorized Payment Plan Form. Please include a “Void” cheque with this form.

Convenience and Savings!!
Pre-authorized payments have many benefits:

  • No cheques to write out
  • Save on postage and transportation
  • You don’t have to keep track of due dates or payments
  • Avoid paying a penalty for missing a due date

Six Payments
There are six due dates each year (February, April, June, August, October and December) and the amount due will be automatically withdrawn from your bank account.

Are you eligible?
• If you own property in The Blue Mountains, you can take advantage of this convenient program.
• You can enroll any or all of your properties in this program.
• Your initial application is valid as long as you own the property and for as long as you want to stay in the plan. You do not have to reapply every year.

Withdrawal or Information Change
If you have information changes, sell your property, or want to withdraw from the Pre- Authorized Payment Plan, please notify us in person or writing by the 1st day of the month at utilities@thebluemountains.ca



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