Corporate Strategic Plan 2016 - 2020

Organizations wishing to remain at the forefront of innovation must continually look for opportunities to better deliver services by being; 

We must remain in step with the needs of our community members. Thinking strategically and making a commitment to continuous improvement is essential to our long-term success. 

This Corporate Strategic Plan is about:

This Plan has been developed with the input of our community members and partners. It is a reflection of the collective priorities of Council and, to this end, articulates clearly where Council and staff will place their efforts over the current term of Council.

Having a new Corporate Strategic Plan in place for the Town of The Blue Mountains will provide a roadmap for Council Members over their term of office and it will provide a guidebook for staff that will summarize strategic actions to assist in aligning resources.

The Corporate Strategic Plan Video will quickly take you through the highlights of the plan, and introduce you to some of the team responsible for putting it into action!