Public Notices

Public Notices

The following are Public notices issued by The Blue Mountains respecting meetings of Council, Public Meetings, Public Open Houses, local Planning Proposals and Proceedings, information relating to Provincial Acts and Policies and notices of passing of by-laws.

Public Meeting: Stop up and Close (Portions of Victoria-Bay Streets)

This is a public meeting to consider closing portions of the unopened sections of Victoria Street North and Bay Street West Road allowances.

Public Meeting: April 24, 2017 at 5:00 PM
Town Hall, Council Chambers
32 Mill Street, Thornbury, ON

What is being proposed?
The Town would like to consider “Stopping up and Closing” a portion of the Victoria Street and Bay Street unopened road allowance in the area shown in the map below.

Stopping up and Closing the road is a process that is needed before the lands may be used for another purpose or sold, and is done by by-law. This process is required even if the lands are not currently a constructed roadway.

Council is required, under the Town’s Notice Policy, to hold at least one public meeting to allow the public the opportunity to review and provide comments on the proposed stopping up and closing the road allowance.

A full copy of the notice is found in the attached link.


Notice of Public Meeting stop up and close1.pdf (209 KB)

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