It's Emergency Preparedness Week May 6 - 12, 2018

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Emergency Preparedness is everyone’s responsibility but not everyone has the means or capacity to deal with emergencies. We encourage you to check on your neighbours to make sure they’re okay – knock on their door if you have to – and reach out to family and friends who may need you help during an emergency.

MAKE A PLAN – Create your emergency family plan and practie it.

BUILD A KIT – Get together with your family and put together an emergency kit with enough supplies to last 72 hours (three days).

Wireless emergency alerts are here. But only for LTE-enabled (4G) cell phones and mobile devices in Canada. The geo-targeted alerts will warn Canadians about dangers and imminent threats to life and property so they can take appropriate action.

Click here to check your phone’s compatibility and see if it can receive wireless emergency alerts.
A PROVINCE-WIDE TEST of the system will take place on Monday, May 7th at 1:55 pm EST and again on September 19th. The OFMEM website includes FAQs and other information.

If you’ve got an older model phone you can still get emergency alerts from Ontario’s Emergency Public Warning System. The system allows subscribers to receive tornado warnings and emergency alerts.

STILL WANT MORE? Get information about current provincial emergencies.


OFMEM has a wide variety of free promotional materials that can be downloaded and printed.
These materials are available to help promote your next event, workshop or campaign. These include Campaigns & Initiatives, resources for web and social media, plus print materials.

INFOGRAPHICS are available on a variety of hazards including extreme heat, seasonal influenza, tornadoes, winter weather, thunderstorms and nuclear incidents.

RESOURCES for Seniors, People with Disabilities & Special Needs, Children, Pet owners are also available for download.

ONTARIO HAZARDS – Learn about different emergencies and how to prepare for them. Information about other weather-related, biological or natural hazards in Ontario is available to you avoid unpleasant surprises or emergencies.


EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS WEEK is a federal-provincial-territorial initiative to promote emergency preparedness across Canada. This year it’s May 6-12 and Ontario supports or participates in numerous events across the province.

Our EP Week theme this year is:


Emergency Preparedness Survivor – This activity encourages youth to prepare themselves and their families prior to an emergency. Students learn practical survival skills to help them take care of themselves and their families after a disaster strikes.

EP Survivor is a fun initiative that gives students, parents, educators and the community the opportunity to build leaderships skills for young adults, while fostering a sense of preparedness throughout the home, school and education systems.


Interested in learning about severe weather and helping your community? Then consider attending a free CAN-WARN Weather Spotter Training session sponsored by Environment Canada.

Sessions take place throughout Ontario in April & May. Training normally lasts about 2.5 hours and there is no cost to attend.

Training covers the basics of thunderstorm formation, what differentiates a severe from a non-severe thunderstorm, the types of damage severe thunderstorms can produce, what to watch for in the sky, what to report to the Storm Prediction Centre and a series of safety tips. For more information on upcoming CAN-WARN sessions in your community, please contact


– Be prepared in OTHER LANGUAGES. We’ve got emergency preparedness info available in more than 25 languages here.

SOCIAL MEDIA – With more than 60,000 Twitter followers, we get our messages out to the masses quickly. Follow us @OntarioWarnings. During EP Week, use the hashtags: #ONReady and #EPWeek2018.


The Federal government has a wonderful EP Week tool-kit with even more tips, ideas and templates to help you promote EP Week.

Attached is a printable version of the Tip Sheet. 

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