NEW! Committee of the Whole Pre-Meeting Highlights!

This new feature is going to be sent the Tuesday before each of the next 3 Committee of the Whole meetings as part of a pilot to improve communications with our residents and business owners. This new document provides highlights of the content for staff reports in plain language and provides links directly to the reports for those wishing more detail.

We have attached the document as a printable .pdf for your convenience. 

Included on the document are:

  • Links to the agenda
  • Options for commenting, and,
  • Information on how to view Council Meetings live, or in the archive, from the comfort of home!

We would welcome your feedback. You may provide comments to

We will also be doing a quick survey at the end of the pilot to evaluate the success of this format. 



COW Agenda Highlights final 01 29 18.pdf (325 KB)

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