OPP: Do You Know the Rules for Operating an E-Bike? Important information you NEED to know.


(COLLINGWOOD AND THE BLUE MOUNTAINS, ON) Officers from the Traffic Unit of the Collingwood and The Blue Mountains detachment of the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) would like to offer some information on what is required to operate an e-bike on public roads.

By law, operators must be at least 16 years-old, ride on the right hand side of the road as close as practicable to the edge of the roadway, must wear an approved bicycle or motorcycle helmet and no modifications should be made to the e-bike, such as removing the pedals or increasing the power output.

E-bike operators do not require insurance or a driver's license however, what is not commonly known is that, if the operator's license is suspended as a result of a driving prohibition relating to a Criminal Code conviction, they cannot legally operate an e-bike. Those Criminal Code convictions can be under offences related to impaired driving or dangerous driving.

In addition, any person with such a suspension cannot operate any machinery that is propelled by a motor. This includes a riding mower and construction equipment, whether on a public road or private property.

Recently, local OPP officers have charged two e-bike operators with Drive While Disqualified as they both had Criminal Code convictions resulting in their license being suspended.

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Contact: PC Martin Hachey


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