Finance & IT Services

Finance & IT Services

Welcome to on-line information about the Finance & IT Services Department of the Town of The Blue Mountains. Finance & IT Services oversees the Budget Services, Taxation and Revenue, Procurement and Risk Management and Information Technology Services for The Blue Mountains. The department is responsible for the accounting, financial records, and computer system for the Town.

Financial Reporting

The Town’s Financial Statements, Financial Information Return and Municipal Performance Measures documents are available to the public for review. Please visit our on-line document library for financial reporting documentation.

Development Charges

Development Charges are imposed to ensure that the capital cost of meeting growth related demands for services is met, but does not place a financial burden on existing taxpayers. They also ensure that new taxpayers bear no more than the net capital cost related to providing current levels of service. Development Charges information is available on the right hand side of the page. Download the document for information on how to determine your applicable rates.

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Finance & IT Fax Number

Finance & IT Fax Number

Director Finance and IT Services

Director Finance and IT Services
519-599-3131 x228

Tax Related Inquiries

General Tax Related Inquiries
519-599-3131 x221

Finance and IT Services Inquiries

Finance and IT Services Inquiries
519-599-3131 x227

Frequently Asked Questions

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