Local Business Listing

Local Business Listing

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Construction / Builders-Contractors-Trades

A & E Construction

Box 59
Thornbury , ON N0H 2P0

Phone: 519-599-6912 | 1-866-309-2259
Fax: 519-599-6910
Email: ae@bascodevelopments.com
Web Site: http://www.bascodevelopments.com/AE.cfm

AB Services

Mr Alan Brown
RR 1
Clarksburg , ON N0H 1J0

Phone: 519-599-5143
Fax: 519-599-6341
Email: abservices@sympatico.ca

AK Fence

Mr Alex Bogacki
RR 1, 608021 12th Sdrd
Thornbury , ON N0H 2P0

Phone: 519-599-2982
Fax: 519-599-2147
Email: akfence@dotnet.com

Albert Enterprises

We offer bookkeeping services including payroll and HST calculations along with personal income tax returns.

RR 2
Ravenna , ON N0H 2E0

Phone: 705-441-5316 | 705-444-0080
Fax: 705-444-2312
Email: albertenterprises@gmail.com

Basco Developments Limited

Box 59
Thornbury , ON N0H 2P0

Phone: 519-599-6330 | 1-877-232-2259
Fax: 519-599-6910
Email: bdl@bascodevelopments.com
Web Site: http://www.bascodevelopments.com/BDL.cfm

Baylyn Construction Ltd.

Custom built homes and chalets, additions and renovations

729189 Sdrd #21
Clarksburg , ON N0H 1J0

Phone: 705-444-6209 | 705-443-1910
Fax: 705-444-7291
Email: david@baylynconstruction.com
Web Site: http://www.baylynconstruction.com

Bay-Mount Service

Box 128
Clarksburg , ON N0H 1J0

Phone: 519-599-2024
Fax: 519-599-3082
Email: dharrison@georgian.net
Web Site: http://www.baymountservice.ca

Bear Electric

Box 388
Clarksburg , ON N0H 1J0

Phone: 705-441-4085
Email: info@bearelectric.ca

Black Tusk Development Group Ltd

Custom architectural and interior design firm with 30 years experience creating special places where our clients can hang their hats, touques, helmets, earbuds, ..... Serving the Southern Georgian Bay area, and the GTA.

101 Holdship Crt,
RR 1
Thornbury , ON N0H 2P0

Phone: 519-599-3337
Email: bill@blacktuskdev.ca
Web Site: http://www.blacktuskdev.com

Blue Bay Homes Limited

Box 725
99 King St., E., Unit 1
Thornbury , ON N0H 2P0

Phone: 519-599-3357
Fax: 519-599-3177
Email: info@bluebayhomes.com
Web Site: http://www.bluebayhomes.com

Breathing Easy Indoor Environmental Consultants

Box 775
4 Louisa St., E.
Thornbury , ON N0H 2P0

Phone: 519-599-1111
Fax: 519-599-1111
Email: info@breathing-easy.net
Web Site: http://www.breathing-easy.net

Brian Dinsmore Excavating & Haulage Limited

067366 33rd SdRd
Thornbury , ON N0H 2P0

Phone: 519-599-2342 | 1-877-244-2342
Fax: 519-599-2204
Email: brian.dinsmore@rogers.com

Campbell Electric

Box 257
Clarksburg , ON N0H 1J0

Phone: 705-443-7678
Fax: 519-599-7033

Campbell Excavating and Haulage

Box 442
Thornbury , ON N0H 2P0

Phone: 705-446-5435
Fax: 705-445-0005
Email: campbell.grant411@gmail.com

Canadian Safety Coatings Inc.

We specialize in coating all kinds of surfaces with exclusive Rubaroc(r) rubber products specifically designed and manufactured to provide lasting beauty and safe conditions both outdoor and indoor. Our products are environmentally inert and guaranteed for 10 years against defects. Projects include but are not limited to residential pool decks, walkways, porches, driveways and decks; Commercial applications include customized floors and entrance ways; Municipal applications include docks, public washrooms, playgrounds, and school yards. Please visit our website canadiansafetycoatings.com or contact us at info@canadiansafetycoatings.com

Box 208
Clarksburg , ON N0H 1J0

Phone: 705-272-1977
Email: info@canadiansafetycoatings.com
Web Site: Http://canadiansafetycoatings.com

Carter Allen Ltd

Box 625
Thornbury , ON N0H 2P0

Phone: 705-441-0475
Fax: 519-599-1035
Email: info@carterallen.ca
Web Site: http://www.carterallen.ca

Clarksburg Contractors Limited

Box 10
108 Main St.
Heathcote , ON N0H 1N0

Phone: 519-599-2123
Fax: 519-599-3490
Email: sales@clarksburgcontractors.ca
Web Site: http://www.clarksburgcontractors.ca

Community-Home Renovations Ltd.

Craigleith, ON
Craigleith , ON .

Phone: 705-445-6969 | 1-888-932-3363
Web Site: http://www.communityhomeltd.com

Craigleith Climate Control

166 Timmons St.
Blue Mountains , ON L9Y 0L2

Phone: 705-445-7474
Fax: 705-445-8089
Email: hunterw@rogers.com

Craigleith Inspection

188 Timmons St., Suite 101
Blue Mountains , ON L9Y 0L2

Phone: 705-446-2209
Fax: 705-446-3306
Email: craigleith@sympatico.ca
Web Site: http://www.craigleithinspections.com

Cross Construction (John)

Box 338
Clarksburg , ON N0H 1J0

Phone: 519-599-3475
Fax: 519-599-6515

Dan LaFond Contracting

Established in 1980 . Commercial and Residential additions and Renovations. Custom carpentry specialists.

Box 40
Clarksburg , ON N0H 1J0

Phone: 519-599-7992
Fax: 519-599-7856
Email: dan_lafond@hotmail.com

Dew Awl Services

166 Hidden Lake Rd.
Blue Mountains , ON L9Y 0T6

Phone: 705-444-7900
Email: dewawlservices@rogers.com


Keith is a local Contractor and Licenced Carpenter serving the Southern Georgian Bay area for over 30 years, helping homeowners develop vision and create reality in all aspects of residential construction, including additions, renovations, finished basements, kitchen and bath remodels, garages, and decks. Dooks Construction Services uses only professional tradesmen that have years of practical experience. Also, Keith provides in-field technical supervisory and consulting services for Nudura ICF construction. Keith is a long-term trainer for Nudura installation courses. Contact by mobile or email anytime to set up a meeting or to discuss your project.


Phone: 705-441-6677
Email: nudooks@bell.net

Earl's Heating & Air Conditioning

Service & Installation of Natural Gas, Propane and Oil Furnaces and Water Heaters Service & Installation of Air Conditioners

117 Faircrest Lane
Clarksburg , ON N0H 1J0

Phone: 519-599-2108 | 519-599-2108
Fax: 519-599-7693
Email: earlsheating@rogers.com
Web Site: http://www.earlsheating.ca

Elgaard Developments Inc.

Quality custom renovations and restorations of residential housing. Experts in extensions or remodeling of your home, kitchen or bath installs and basement finishing.

96-127 Alfred St., W
Box 797
Thornbury , ON N0H 2P0

Phone: 226-665-0223 | 800-705-7483
Email: info@elgaard.ca
Web Site: http://www.elgaard.ca

Forrest Contracting Ltd.

Box 231
RR2, 828140 David Macnichol Pky.
Clarksburg , ON N0H 1J0

Phone: 519-599-5466
Email: forrestcontractingltd@gmail.com

Georgian Shores Contracting

Serving Southern Georgian Bay. Quality, Honesty, and Integrity. Over 35 years of experience in custom home building, renovations, additions, project management, and repairs and maintenance.

134 Long Point Road
Blue Mountains , On L9Y 0K3

Phone: 705-606-0127
Email: dochertyjohn14@gmail.com
Web Site: http://www.georgianshorescontracting.com/

Holmes Custom Woodworking

82 King St., W.
Thornbury , ON N0H 2P0

Phone: 519-599-5366

Hunt Enterprises (Andrew)

Ravenna , ON N0H 2E0

Phone: 705-444-2292
Fax: 705-444-0820

Innovative Energy Services

109 Kimheather Crt
Blue Mountains , ON L9Y 0L8

Phone: 705-445-8168
Email: ieserv@rogers.com

Janalco Ltd

Box 804
Thornbury , ON N0H 2P0

Phone: 705-444-7102

JCR Custom Painting

30th SdRd, RR 1 Fire # 027437
Thornbury , ON N0H 2P0

Phone: 705-606-0382

Kolapore Carpentry Services

415115 10th line
Ravenna , ON N0H 2E0

Phone: 519-599-5107
Email: mulchman@sympatico.ca

M & K Painting

General Delivery
Revanna , ON N0H 2E0

Phone: 519-599-3139
Email: m_kpainting@hotmail.com
Web Site: http://www.mkpainting.goldbook.ca

Mackey Construction Ltd (George E)

RR 1
357080 Town Line, Conc 1
Thornbury , ON N0H 2P0

Phone: 519-599-2647
Fax: 519-599-7450

McGowan Services

PO Box 269
Thornbury , ON N0H 2P0

Phone: 705-445-8076
Fax: 705-445-5976
Email: info@mcgowan-services.com
Web Site: http://www.mcgowan-services.com

Miller Golf Design Group

PO Box 308
103 Hillcrest Dr
Clarksburg , ON N0H 1J0

Phone: 519-599-6336
Fax: 519-599-7667
Email: millergolfdesign@rogers.com
Web Site: http://www.millergolfdesign.ca

Morris Janitorial Service

PO Box 69
206 Clark St
Clarksburg , ON N0H 1J0

Phone: 519-599-6568
Fax: 519-599-7626

Murray Taylor Painting

496818 Grey Rd 2
Clarksburg , ON N0H 1J0

Phone: .

North American Solar Solutions

What is North American Solar Solutions; (N.A.S.S) North American Solar Solutions is an alternative energy company that manufactures, designs and engineers alternative energy products for the Global market. Headquartered in Canada, N.A.S.S specializes in solar thermal heating solutions employing evacuated tube technology to heat water for everything from domestic hot water supply, to large scale industrial, commercial and resort heating. N.A.S.S. adapts to meet the large-scale, temperature-controlled sanitizing needs of industrial food processing, wineries, and cheese manufacturing. N.A.S.S. can provide unlimited hot water to clean industrial equipment sterilize dairy operations, or launder all hospital linens. N.A.S.S. Canada, supplies, installs and services solar solutions to all parts of the globe. All the units are manufactured under ISO, SRCC, CSA, UL & CE Key Mark specifications. All our solar units are warranted against manufacturing defects. North American Solar Solutions is a world-class market leader providing cost effective and environmentally friendly solar water heating alternatives.

496773 Grey Rd 2
Clarksburg , ON N0H 1J0

Phone: 7059992105 | 705-606-0116
Email: Solarsolutions@bmts.com
Web Site: http://www.nasolarsolutions.com

Osprey Millworks

147 Edward St
Clarksburg , ON N0H 1J0

Phone: 705-446-5519
Fax: 519-599-3747
Email: ospreymillworks@hotmail.com

Paragon Carpentry

PO Box 17
Clarksburg , ON N0H 1J0

Phone: 519-599-7913
Fax: 519-599-7231
Email: paragoncarpentry@rogers.com
Web Site: http://www.paragoncarpentry.com

Parklawn Landscaping

Landscape design and construction

PO Box 444
Thornbury , ON N0H 2P0

Phone: 519-599-2248
Fax: 519-599-4581
Email: scott@parklawn.biz
Web Site: http://www.parklawn.biz

Precision Septic & Earthworks

RR 1
555631 Sixth Line
Ravenna , ON N0H 2E0

Phone: 519-599-2666 | 705-444-7574
Fax: 519-599-3960
Web Site: http://www.precisionseptic.net

Rainmaker Estates Inc

RR 1
Ravenna , ON N0H 2E0

Phone: 519-599-7245
Fax: 519-599-5757
Email: rainmaker@georgian.net

Ravenna Woodworking and Home Repair

General Delivery
Ravenna , ON N0H 2E0

Phone: 519-599-2501

Red Brick Group Inc. Property Solutions

Red Brick Group began providing automation and security systems for the residential market in the fall of 2005. The company was incorporated in March 2006 and has quickly developed into a whole home and business control and automation provider as market demand for these services increased. Our business is primarily generated from referrals from clients and from the architects, project managers and contractors that we have developed partnerships with.

Thornbury , ON N0H 2P0

Phone: 519-599-2969
Email: carla@redbrickgroup.ca
Web Site: http://redbrickgroup.ca

Riverside Custom Cabinets Ltd

PO Box 316
Clarksburg , ON N0H 1J0

Phone: 519-599-2495
Fax: 519-599-2495
Web Site: http://www.riversidecustomcabinets.ca

Rust Architect (J H)

RR 2
496083 Grey Rd 2The Blue Mountains, ON N0H 1J0
Clarksburg , ON N0H 1J0

Phone: 519-599-6729
Fax: 519-599-5314
Email: jhrust@jhrust-architect.com
Web Site: http://www.jhrust-architect.com

Sadler's Haulage and Excavating Ltd

PO Box 248
788273 Matilda St
Clarksburg , ON N0H 1J0

Phone: 519-599-2001
Fax: 519-599-2961

Steve Diver Painting

46-127 Alfred St
Thornbury , ON N0H 2P0

Phone: 519-599-3966
Email: diver.steve@rogers.com

Terase Contracting and Development

PO Box 615
45 Bruce St S
Thornbury , ON N0H 2P0

Phone: 519-599-1100
Fax: 519-599-6798

Thornbury Home Hardware Building Centre

Store Hours
Monday 7:30am - 6:00pm
Tuesday 7:30am - 6:00pm
Wednesday 7:30am - 6:00pm
Thursday 7:30am - 6:00pm
Friday 7:30am - 6:00pm
Saturday 8:00am - 5:30pm
Sunday 9:00am - 4:00pm

P.O. Box 249
Highway 26 East,
Thornbury , ON N0H 2P0

Phone: 519-599-3624
Fax: 519-599-2987
Web Site: http://www.homehardware.ca/en/dealer-microsites/1468-5/contact-information.htm

Thornbury Steel Fabricators

Welding Custom metal fabrication

PO Box 28
14 Elgin St S
Thornbury , ON N0H 2P0

Phone: 519-599-2909
Fax: 519-599-2996
Email: thornburysteel@bmts.com
Web Site: http://www.thornburysteel.com

Timberlane Construction Services

PO Box 579
Thornbury , ON N0H 2P0

Phone: 705-443-1188
Email: davemccombe@gmail.com
Web Site: http://www.timberlanehomes.ca

Top Drawer Interiors

PO Box 720
15 McCauley St S
Thornbury , ON N0H 2P0

Phone: 705-441-3079
Fax: 519-588-6653
Email: jameswoodcock@rogers.com
Web Site: http://www.topdrawerinteriors.ca

Valleyview Construction

828-139 Grey Rd 40, RR 2
Clarksburg , ON N0H 1J0

Phone: 519-599-3694
Fax: 519-599-2925
Email: progers@valleyviewconstruction.com
Web Site: http://www.valleyviewconstruction.com

Wright Painting and Decorating (Terry)

209832 Hwy 26
Blue Mountains , On L9Y 0L8

Phone: 705-444-7700
Fax: 705-444-6735

Wright Way Renovations Ltd

209832 Hwy 26 W
Blue Mountains , ON .

Phone: 705-444-7700 | 1-800-776-5974
Fax: 705-444-6735
Email: wrightway@rogers.com

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