As part of our Strategic Plan to ensure the long-term financial stability of the Town and to involve the community in the ongoing work of the municipality, every fall, the municipality begins an extensive budgeting process. This process involves consultation with Council, Staff, and Public, ending with the development of a three-year operating budget and a five-year capital budget for the following year.

The Town’s budgeting goal is to ensure, through prudent fiscal planning, the long-term economic sustainability of our community.

2017 Approved Budget

The 2017 Approved Budget was passed by Council on February 13, 2017.

2018 Approved Budget

The 2018 Approved Budget was passed by Council on February 12, 2018.

The 2018 Base Budget provides for the same service level and the same services delivered at a 0.74% increase over 2017. With the Additions to the Base Budget added in, the Town Tax Levy Rate is a 2.07% increase over 2017.

The blended tax rate, which combines Town, County, and Education tax rates, is a 1.00% increase.

2018 Budget – Water and Wastewater Rates

The water and wastewater rates are a combination of a Fixed Charge and a Consumption Charge that is based on actual consumption.

The 2018 Water Rates did not increase in 2018. The consumption charges for the 2018 Wastewater Rates increased by 2%.

This 2% increase to wastewater would see the average household wastewater bill increase by $6 per year. This is based on a residence using a residential 5/8" water meter and an average of 30 cubic meters of water every two months.

The Infrastructure Renewal Fee for Water and Wastewater remains constant for 2018 as the Town continues to make increased contributions to the Water and Wastewater Asset Replacement Reserves.



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